Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Random Thought for the Day

So, why is it that every town in America has a radio station named Star? Just something silly traveling through my mind today.


Anonymous said...

They're all owned by the same evil media conglomorate >:|

The idea is same as Starbucks or McDonalds or TGI Friday's -- that Americans LOVE crap as long as it's CONSISTENT crap. We'll gladly eat the same crappy hamburger or drink the same crappy coffee as long as it is, in fact, the SAME crappy X every time; as long as it's familiar.

Hence Star all over the nation -- it's something we have at home, so we're more likely to listen to it when on the road or in a new city.

Babe said...

Kind of like all of the new houses in all of the new neighborhoods looking the same, all of the strip malls with the same stores.......yuck.
Too much cookie cutter crap in the good old USA anymore.

Jessica said...

I so agree with both of you. America is becoming one big blob of sameness. And not in a good way.