Sunday, March 16, 2008

One for My Memory Bank

Yesterday I received the greatest complement! I was at the drugstore picking up a few things;they were having a sale on my preferred brand of makeup, so I decided to take advantage of it. Anyway, when I went to the counter to checkout, the women asked if I was going to prom. I looked up startled, I didn't think I had heard her right. So I repeated...prom and looked at her puzzled. Then I laughed, thanked her, and told her my age. She said wow, and that was it. I left the store and was on a little high for the rest of the day. What a pick me up! I'm going to store this complement and bring it out whenever I'm having a low self esteem day! :)

1 comment:

Anonymous Mom said...

Wow! That is a huge compliment. You must have great skin :)