Monday, February 4, 2008

Late Night Channel Flipper

Friday night, during my I can't sleep so I'm going to flip through channels until I fall asleep or it drives me mad routine, I came across The Breakfast Club. Staring the famous "Brat Pack" of the 80s. I was so happy; it's one of my favorite movies.

As I was watching, scenes of my teen years flooded my mind; there was a period where I must have watched that movie once a week. Sleepovers with girlfriends would enevidably lead to consumption of an enormous bowl of way to salty popcorn (I had a friend who liked a bit of popcorn with her salt.) with heaps of butter. And a viewing of that worn out recorded from TV, VHS version of The Breakfast Club.

After watching it again, I can definitely say the movie is just as good as it once was. It has Judd Nelson and the awesome song Don't You(Forget About Me) by the band Simple Minds. What more could someone viewing a 1980s cheesy high school movie ask for? My thought is nothing.

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