Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You learn something new everyday

Today I learned that the states New Jersey and Oregon don't allow gas station patrons to pump their own gas. Interesting law, but in my opinion it's not the government's place to restrict their people in such a way.


Chris O. said...

Damn straight. I mean, how did that even get passed into legislation? Either the Govt considers the populace in those states too stupid to operate a simple gasoline pump, or the interests of lobbyists and corporate constituents have been consciously and purposefully placed over the needs of the people. It is amazing to think of all the extra crap that average Americans have to pay every year because of bull shit, back door pork-barrel dealings like this. But even though ya just know this crap happens all the time, it is still shocking to see the Govt’s middle finger waving at us so brazenly.

Jessica said...

I think these crazy laws have been on the books for a while, and nobody has bothered to change them. Pretty dumb!