Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fire, Fire, Everywhere

Thankfully we are safe; there have been no mandatory evacuation orders issued in our area. This whole situation has been surreal. Something about these fires seems much different than any weather disaster that our modern technology is able to predict and track; they have a life of their own, and they destroy everything in their path. It seems as if Southern California is in need of mercy from mother nature.
Yesterday, near us, the sky was brilliant blue, but in the distance it was clouded with thick smoke. Today I was greeted by the smell of fire, and ashes falling from the sky.
Though the fires have all stayed about 8 to 10 miles away, outside, it is still hard to breathe. I have seen many people donning face masks to prevent adverse effects.
So, for people like me who still have a home and are not in immediate danger, human nature has taken over and we can be found gathering at lookout points to gawk and snap photos.


Anonymous said...

Those are some terrific pictures. The one of the moon over the houses is great.

Jessica said...