Monday, October 15, 2007

Children and Sticks..Not a Good Combo?

So, this morning while on my walk, I passed a women pushing her daughter in a stroller. The little girl was about three, and in her hand was a, long sharp, stick. She was playing with it like a magic wand. I cringed when I saw how dangerously close it was to her eyes. I assumed that the stick was a new acquisition and her mother had yet to notice it.

As I got closer to them, the girl flung the stick on the ground. And I thought...yes! problem solved. I was wrong. :( The women picked up THE STICK and handed right back to her THREE YEAR OLD daughter.

Typically, I am not a person that goes around critiquing people and their child rearing techniques, but come on Mom, can't you find a more sutiable toy than a long, pointy, dirty stick!

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