Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Note On Blogging

When I first started blogging, I did it solely for me. It became an outlet for all of my pent-up creative energy. I didn't write too often, but when I did it really came from my heart. As I got acquainted with the blogging world, I found blogs whose owners wrote context that spoke to me on many levels. So I started commenting and making friends. How wonderful it was, and still is, to meet so many cool people with like minds. Gradually I came into my own and became very comfortable being a blogger. Quite honestly, and I think this will ring true for a lot of bloggers, I loved the fact that people were reading what I had to say, liking it, and telling me so.

So, while I still wrote for me, I kept in the back of my mind what I thought readers would be interested in reading, or not reading. It became tougher, and tougher to post because I felt that the topics I chose may not be interesting to some. It eventually got to the point, where that, along with other stuff going on in my life, caused me to suffer from a little blogging burnout. Not a specific medical condition I'm guessing, but one that, nonetheless, many bloggers are prone to.

For me, blogging burnout caused a lack of interest in all aspects of blogging. Which is why I haven't been around to visit my favorite blogs lately. Don't get me wrong, I've been reading, but I just haven't had the energy to comment.

I'm slowly trying to cure my blogging burnout, as I love blogging, and I feel much happier when I'm writing, and interacting with people.

You may see some changes around here, and you may not. It depends on my mood, and the day I guess. I know, for sure, that my formula entails writing for me, and everyone else comes second. That being said, I am so grateful for my readers, and appreciate the fact that so many take the time to read what I post.

So thanks, and stay tuned. As many of you know, I love music, and in the near future, I see myself creating, separate from Thoughtful Reflections, a blog solely devoted to music.

And there you have it: A Note On Blogging! Thanks for reading!


none said...

Keep on posting what you like. It helps stave off burnout.

And believe me I know what that's like..

Unknown said...

Just write and post what you want to and don't worry about what others want. I find my blog lets me get out all sorts of things I might be thinking or wondering about, kind of vomiting in the internet. I understand what you mean about burnout, I go through it probably about once a year....I just get tired of putting the words down and have to take a break, but I usually come back stronger for it. So hopefully you will too, I look forward to reading your blog.

Gary's third pottery blog said...


This tune's for you, and since you're my pal--whatever you want is cool with me!

Lipstick Jungle said...

I have been feeling this way lately as well. But I agree with Hammer and John - blog what you want to. This is your home, we are just visitors.

I too read alot more than I comment - not because I dont want to comment, but because I am repeating what others say. Kind of like the prodigal work birthday or sympathy card - how many ways can you hear "I'm sorry" or "Happy Birthday".

I went through this last year too. It always comes back!

No matter what I will always adore you!

Arv said...

This is a kewl note and its so on the spot... we all go through it... On the whole, it is a lovely experience indeed...

Everything comes a full circle :)

your mates will always be there Jess..

take care... cheers...

Joooced!~ said...

Hey! I chance upon your blog and i took immediate liking to it.
I'm sure if you keep writing what you're passionate about, it'll never get bored.
I'm a music lover too! Looking forward to your blog about music then!

Lena said...

you know i am feeling this way constantly.. and actually i hardly write for myself anymore... i would love to stop tuesday love ramblings for example but so many people asked me not to.. and then i just keep writing them because someone wants it and not me..
i do have fun in writing, but now when i am so overloaded with work and other projects, blogging has become secondary and i guess the main reason why it is so is exactly me not writing for myself anymore.

A New Yorker said...

Write whatever the hell you want girlfriend. Those who care will come back and those who aren't really your friends won't. As my friend Jae always says "F" 'em! and she says the full word!

Bar L. said...

Hi Jess! I hope you start a music blog!!! Let me know!

I know what you mean about blogging, I've had the same experience. Its easier for some people to write with no concern for what others think but for some of us, its almost ingrained in our being to care. I like any and everything you have to say, just don't stop saying it!

Vixen said...

Maybe it is something in the air. I have been reading, but not having the energy to comment for nearly two months and I just lost my 'spark'. But I am working on getting it back too.

I am patient and will wait until you figure out whatever works for you.

joie de vivre said...

i dont blog for comments..
and reading blog is one of the best thing i have discovered...
reading mind is the best profession dear!!!

good luck

Mike said...

Keep on truckin man.

Blogging is a good release.

Oh, and getting more comments, almost orgasmic!

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...
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hopefaithbelieve said...

I think that is true for writers of any kind. Once you start writing for others, there is a "pressure" that can actually bring on some stress and lead to writers block. I love reading your take on stuff...I miss you, girl!

Malcolm said...

It's funny because I have been going through blogging burnout a bit myself. I am working my way through it and getting back to commenting on other blogs on a regular basis.

One of the reasons I enjoy reading your writing is because of it's positive vibe. I look forward to reading more here and at your proposed music blog.

Hemanth Potluri said...

u know y i blog..:)...it just pours out my heart...comments does not matter...it just gives a smile to see people reading and like...missed ya jessi how u been :)..


Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

It's funny because I have been very near blogging burnout a bit myself and often thought of stopping - I've read a lot more than commenting recently, I find it difficult to find the time + I am not keen on repeating what others say...

I enjoy reading your blog - it has positive vibe which I like.

Reading your post brought this to mind:
"sometimes our light goes out, but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light."
Albert Schweitzer

It's what has kept me blogging :)

zunnur said...

You shouldn't get burnt out, just write what naturally comes from you, and don't get stressed out just to find something to write and fear that you'll loose your readers. True friends will stay with you eventhough if you stop writing for months. Take it easy.

Roshan said...

For me it's true on weekdays but on weekends, especially Sundays, I want to read all my favourite blogs. I have a suggestion. Look at the frequency of blog posts and arrange your visits. For instance, if you have a frequent blogger, atleast once a day, visit them often. If the blogger only updates once or twice a week, then keep them for the weekends and read them together. You'll find that you will be able to cover more and find more things to comment.

Roshan said...

And most importantly, always write for yourself. If the readers come, let them come. But always stay true to urself.

please sir said...

Blogging should be fun and an escape from you. Take time to yourself esp. if you are feeling burnout!

Kimmy said...

Blogging burnout I think happens to everyone. I had to take a few days, even a week without it. Luckily I am WAY blessed that some of my favorite blogs are also my facebook friends, so I still get your positive light!

Jessica said...

Just wanted to say--you all are WONDERFUL! Thanks for the support, and kind words. I will be back shortly. :)

Jennifer said...

I think the best thing to do is write for yourself! That's what "they" say anyway!

I haven't been able to make the blog-rounds as much as I'd like either--I think it goes in waves.

Amit Charles said...


keep it rollin;)

Ferd said...

I could have written this post myself! It totally rings true for me.
I have found that the more personal I make it, the more I write about feelings, the more it resonates. I have also found that I have certain shells to guard those feelings. I'm working on it.
Thanks, Jess!
Take good care, and I hope to see you back soon!
If you start that music blog, be sure to let me know!!!

Ferd said...
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Fortune Cookies said...

I love your ability to be honestly introspective. It's critical to one's fulfillment.
Write for yourself and your readers will appreciate you for your honesty and sincerity. I love reading your Thoughtful Reflections,and look forward to watching them grow deeper and more introspective. That's where the beauty resides in writing, I believe.

Jessica said...

Thanks Hammer! I’m glad you’re back to posting. :)

Thanks John! :) I love your blog because it has so much variety. You said it too, “I just get tired of putting the words down.” That’s how it feels sometimes!

Omg-I Love it! Thanks. Such a good one!! :D

Jessica said...

Aw, Lori thanks-you are so sweet! :) I agree with you too, I really hate to just regurgitate what others are saying.

Thank you! It is lovely, this whole blogging thing! :P

Welcome Jocelyn! Thank you! :) and keep checking back…I will get to it, eventually. lol

Jessica said...

Please stop writing for other people—it will wear you down fast.
You are so talented, people will read whatever you write! Hope today is better for you. :)

LOL-Thanks! :D

Thanks, and I won’t stop saying anything permanently. I’ll let you know about the music blog! You inspire me-- keeping up with all of your blogs! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks Vixen! Sometimes, I think taking a little break is all we need! :)

Thank you! :) I think it’s best not to blog for comments because then you are not writing for yourself. Unless, of course that’s what you originally intended. If that makes any sense. LOL

:) Thanks…and then you are right, it is hard not to blog for comments because getting them make you feel so good. Just the fact that someone is reading what you wrote is a nice feeling.

Jessica said...

Thank you! And you are right, it does feel like writers block. For some reason my mind didn’t think of this blog like “real” writing, but it really is. Hmm, it’s nice to see the connection. I miss you too! :)

Thanks, and I know you were feeling blogging burnout there too for a while. Hope yours is on the mend! And you will definitely know when I start my music blog!! :)

:) A Smile—that’s what I’ve got for you today!

Jessica said...

Thanks, and glad you’re not stopping! I love your blog—it’s always happy and light!! :) That quote is great-btw!

Welcome, and thanks. Come back anytime! :)

Hi Roshan,
Thanks, and that is a very good idea. The nature of being a blogger is finding excellent time management skills, I think! :)

Jessica said...

Please Sir,
Thanks for stopping by! :) I’m loving your blog!

Oh yes Kimmy! Same goes! :D

Nice to see you! :) It does go in waves, sometimes there is just no motivation.

Jessica said...

Welcome to you! :) Hope to see you again.

Thanks, and I think blogging is such a good outlet to learn how to shed those shells! :)

I’m blushing—thanks! :) I agree, introspectiveness is really the key. You include so much of that aspect in your writing as well!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

ahhh ... I have read this post many many times after being around for some time in the blog world. My blog evolved greatly, and at first was just a bunch of mis-matched scribbles. I eventually found the love of photoshopping and comedy, along with regular friends that made my comments look like twitter. It was very time consuming, yet extremely fun! My routine is less commenting and more creating now, but that of course leaves MY blog with less comments too. Give and take - seems balance is the key to anything in life. I know that the minute I am not enjoying the "blog thang" I will quit, but that seems very unlikely.

Hello from SpeedyCat!

ps - three years ago I had never even used a computer

Jessica said...

I so appropriate your comment. :)I love your stuff, and you are great at what you do. I would have never guessed that three years ago you had never used a computer--you found your niche, for sure.